दिसम्बर तुला राशि | Libra December 2018 | दिसम्बर 2018 राशिफल | By  Nakshatraveda

इस विडीओ में विश्व प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिषी तथा वास्तु शास्त्री “श्री आचार्य श्रीधर जी खांडल” द्वारा सनातन धर्म तथा भारतीय वैदिक ज्योतिष के बारे में गहनतम जानकारी दी गई है। इस तरह के सभी विडीओ समय समय पर प्राप्त करने हेतु कृपया हमारे चेनल को सब्स्क्राइब ज़रूर करें।

In this video, the world-famous astrologer and Vastu Shastri “Shri Acharya Shridhar ji Khandal” has given the deepest information about Sanatana Dharma and Indian Vedic astrology. To receive such videos from time to time, please subscribe to our channel.

दिसम्बर तुला राशि | Libra December 2018 | दिसम्बर 2018 राशिफल | By Nakshatraveda

प्रिय दर्शकों,
आपको यदि श्रीमद भागवत कथा, श्री राम कथा, श्री रामचरित मानस कथा, सुंदरकांड कथा, नानी बाई का मायरा, श्याम अखंड ज्योत पाठ, भजन संध्या, संकीर्तन आदि कार्यक्रम करवाना हो तो आप निम्न नम्बरों पर आचार्य श्रीधर जी खांडल के कार्यालय में सम्पर्क कर सकते हैं।

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Nakshatraveda is an international organization dedicated towards Vedic Astrology and implementation of vedic sciences & knowledge to enhance and derive benefits to revive ancient scriptures and literature and promote it for the benefit and upliftment of the human race and to spread positive energy and vibes in people’s lives.


1.Horoscope & Vastu
Horoscope is based on ancient vedic jyotish science. It is the geographical calculation based birth-chart/kundli creation system to analyze and report past/present/future situation of anyone’s life. This birth-chart is a map of a human’s life which can steer us towards more sweet, healthy and fulfilling life and forewarn us about the problems coming up in life.

2.Pooja & Anushthan
Pooja or Aradhana is a ritual where we pay homage and respect to the higher power and energy. The rituals are designed in a way to enhance and improve our condition and situation. A pooja performed with the right method and purity can increase our energy and vibes and lead us to success and peace. Nakshatraveda has a group of more than 150 qualified brahamins and pandits to perform poojas for any occasion and purpose. Be it graha pravesh, maha mrityunjaya, ganesh pooja or bhoomi pooja, we gurantee positive results for every occasion.

3.Bhajan – Kirtan & Katha
Bhajans/Kirtan/Kathas are descriptions of godly characteristics and praising them. A well conducted Bhajan/Kirtan/Katha can create an atmosphere of extreme positivity and godly goodness. Bhajan/Kirtan/Katha can dispel negative presence around us. It is much needed in the present age/time also known as KALIYUGA. Nakshatraveda has katha…more than 50,000 hours of katha recitation. We specialize in Jagran, Bhakti, Sangeet, Shrimad Bhagwad Katha, Ram Katha and Sundar Kund Katha.

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